Sosiologi Sastra dan Pratiknya dalam Kehidupan Bermasyarakat

  • Saepul Akbar Rifai Universitas Pamulang
Keywords: Sosilogi literatur


Sociology of literature has the fact that reality is not only built from a series of actions and interactions that are physical and behave but also awakened from discourse practice. This fact is very pronounced even in Indonesia where words or language are always used with great care because they are aware of the power of their social impact. Oral literature was born and developed in a society and is preserved through stories from time to time by one generation to the next. The ancestors inherited the oral literary tradition considered that oral literature was a way to pass on the world's truth to future generations. For the ancestors, fantasy, science and technology have something in common and become one unit. Oral literature contains many cultural messages to provide knowledge for the next generation. Just as adult humans have the right to language and also enjoy literary works, children also need information about the world, about everything that exists and happens around them that their mind can reach. Fulfilling children's rights is an adult's duty and it is a form of appreciation for children. Fulfilling children's needs for this information can be done and provided, among others, by telling stories through literature.


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