Focus and Scope

The focus of this journal is an attempt to actualize a better understanding of the science of Islamic Education, both locally and internationally through the publication of articles, research reports, and book reviews.
Islamic Education Journal (GHAITSA) accepts original works which are the results of research, including:
  • Islamic education development policies
  • Models of Islamic Education development (Early Childhood
  • Models of Islamic Education development (Early Childhood Education, Madrasahs, Elementary Schools, and Islamic Universities)
  • Institutional development of Islamic education
  • Islamic Education learning methods and strategies
  • Islamic Education paradigm and institutions
  • Islamic Religious Education curriculum development
  • Development of Islamic Religious Education learning resources, media and materials
  • Islamic Religious Education learning environment development
  • Evaluation of education and learning in Islamic Religious Education
  • Quality control of Islamic Religious Education institutions and learning
  • Inclusive Islamic Religious Education
  • Management of Islamic Education Institutions (Madrasahs, Elementary Schools. and Islamic Universities)
  • Philosophy/thought of Islamic Education