Retraction and Abstracting

Retraction by Author
The author is expected not to withdraw the submitted manuscript if the manuscript has entered the editorial process (review, layout, etc.) because it is considered detrimental to the editorial team who have spent time and thought processing the article. If the author retracts an article that is in the editorial process, the writer must pay compensation for work that has been done during the editorial process.
If there is a correction from the author after the article is published, for example, there is an error in the name and affiliation of the author, it can be done without compensation.
Official requests from the authors must be sent via email to the editorial team leader using the same email address used in the correspondence.

Retraction and Correction by Editor
The editor will consider withdrawing the publication if:

  • There is clear evidence that the results of such activity cannot be valid due to falsification of data or miscalculations or errors of analysis;
  • Previous findings have been published elsewhere;
  • There are demonstrable indications of plagiarism;
  • There are ethical violations in the implementation of activities.

The editor will consider making corrections if:

  • There is a minor error in the publication which proves to be misleading to the reader;
  • There is an error in the list of authors/contributors.