Situs ini dibawah naungan yayasan Darussalam Bengkulu. (Nomor : C-5.HT.03.01. Th. 1990) dengan lembaga Penerbitan dan publikasi Online Jurnal Ilmiah bernama SIDUCAT.


  • GESETZ : Indonesian Law Journal

    Gesetz : Indonesian Law Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published in English and devoted primarily to disseminate scientific articles and analysis of issues in law and legal studies from academicians, researchers, observers, practitioners, all pattrons in Indonesia. Gesetz : Indonesian Law Journal issued twice in a year, July and October

  • JPT : Jurnal Pendidikan Tematik

    JPT : Jurnal Pendidikan Tematik is a media communication of academitioners, teachers, and educational world of the observers in educational perspective published three times a year on every April, August, and December by yayasan Darussalam Kota Bengkulu. JPT : Jurnal Pendidikan Tematik contains research results, reflections, and critical reviews which actual about educational themes as policy or educational regulation, curriculum, teaching innovation (material review, approches, model, methode, media, and learning evaluation) in basic education scope. All submitted manuscripts will go through the double-blind peer review and editorial review before being granted with acceptance for publication. JPT is published tripple a year in the months of April, Agustus, and Desember. The journal is open to authors around the world regardless of nationality.

    ISSN ONLINE : 2745-5645

  • ISEJ : Indonesian Science Education Journal

    ISEJ : Indonesian Science Education Journal is a medium of communication used by researchers, lecturers, teachers, practitioners, and University student for submitting result of studies and prioritized result of the study and review of the literature in the sphere of natural science education in primary education, secondary education and higher education. Additionally, this journal also covers the issues of environmental education & environmental science.

    ISSN ONLINE : 2716-3350

  • GHAITSA : Islamic Education Journal

    Ghaitsa: Islamic Education Journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal on education and teacher training. Ghaitsa Journal is intended to provide academic forums for researchers who are interested in the discussion of current and future issues on education and teacher training, especially in the Muslim world. All articles will be reviewed by experts before accepted for publication. Each author is solely responsible for the content of the published articles.  The journal is open to authors around the world regardless of nationality.

    ISSN-ONLINE : 2721-1592

  • DAWUH : Islamic Communication Journal

    Dawuh is an academic journal published by Yayasan Darussalam Bengkulu. This journal publishes original researches in multi concepts, theories, perspectives, paradigms and methodologies on da’wah studies. The study focus of this Journal is :
    1. Islamic communication and journalistic
    2. Islamic counseling
    3. Islamic community development
    4. Da’wah management

    ISSN-ONLINE : 2722-7898

  • SEMB-J : Sharia Economic and Management Business Journal

    SEMB-J, sharia economic and management business journal is peer-reviewed journal published by Yayasan Darussalam Bengkulu. SEMB-J focus on the research of sharia economic and management business. The aims of this journal is to explore and develop economic management related to islamic and business. The journal is published three times a year, in Februari, July, and October.

    ISSN-ONLINE : 2774-2679

  • KENDURI : Jurnal Pengabdian dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat

    Journal of Community Service and Empowerment is published by the Agency for Publishing and Scientific Publications of the Darussalam Foundation, Bengkulu City. Contains the results of community service and empowerment activities in the form of application of various fields of science including education, engineering, agriculture, social humanities, computers and health. Kenduri: Journal of Community Service and Empowerment is published 3 times a year every April, August and December.

    ISSN ONLINE : 2776-9186

  • JPI : Jurnal Pustaka Indonesia

    Jurnal Pustaka Indonesia published Three times a year (Februari, June and Oktober ) as a medium of distributing scientific research in the field of language, literature , and the Indonesian language and literature education. Jurnal Pustaka Indonesia is published in collaboration between the Yayasan Darussalam Bengkulu and the Association of Indonesian Language and Literature Lecturer (ADOBSI).

  • ASSEMBLY : Informatics Engineering Journal

    Assembly is a place for publications for researchers, lecturers, and students in developing research in the field of artificial intelligence, cryptography, image processing, data mining, decision support systems, operating systems, multimedia, expert systems, computer networks and other topics related to computer technology.

  • BIOPSY : Health Journal

    BIOPSY: Health Journal is on health as discipline and practices related to preventive and promotive measures to enhance the health of the public through scientific approach applying a variety of techniques. This focus includes areas and scopes such as biostatistics, epidemiology, health education and promotion, health policy and administration, environmental health, public health nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, and occupational health and safety.