About the Journal

Title SEMB-J: Sharia Economic & Management Business Journal
ISSN-ONLINE 2774-2679
Issue Frequency February, June, October
DOI Prefiks On Process
Main Indexing Google Scholar
Publisher Yayasan Darussalam Bengkulu
Website https://siducat.org/index.php/sembj/
Editor-in-Chief Khozin Zaki
License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
SEMB-J: Sharia Economic and Management Business Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published by Yayasan Darussalam Bengkulu. SEMB-J focuses on the research of Sharia economic and management business. This journal aims to explore and develop economic management related to Islam and business.
The focus of this journal is an effort to publish scientific works related to thoughts or studies in the field of sharia accounting and banking as well as actualizing and adding to the treasures of a better understanding of sharia accounting and banking through publishing articles and research reports.
SEMB-J Journal of Sharia Economic and Management Business accepts original works which are the results of research, including:
  • Accountancy
  • Sharia Accounting
  • Banking
  • Sharia Banking
  • Sharia Banking Information Systems
  • Sharia Banking Audit
  • Sharia Banking Management
  • Sharia Banking Liquidity Management
  • Sharia Banking Ethics
  • Marketing Management of Sharia Banking
  • Finance
  • Sharia Finance
  • Cash Waqf