Online Submissions

JPI published by the Yayasan Darussalam Bengkulu as a vehicle for exploring Literature and Indonesian Language. Published twice a year in the period February, June, and October. The editor accepts manuscripts and writings on Literature and Indonesian Language with terms and conditions:

  1. Original work and research results are prioritized;
  2. Individuals or groups of 2-5 people;
  3. The work is original, not plagiarized, and has never been published/published in any form;
  4. Writing according to a predetermined format (see template);
  5. Send the author's bio and affidavit of authenticity of the manuscript;
  6. Manuscripts are recommended to cit a minimum of 15 accredited journals;
  7. Manuscripts are recommended to use Zotero citation management, Mendeley or other supporting citation software;
  8. Authors whose manuscripts are accepted in the journal will get a hard copy of the journal as many as 2 copies;
  9. Submit your manuscript by Logging in for those who already have a Finansia account, or Register for those who do not have an account;
  10. Manuscripts can be submitted online every 24-hour day.